Configure Service Desk mobile settings so that you can use the app's features to the best advantage.

  1. In the main menu, tap on Settings:
  2. The Settings page is displayed:

The page is divided into the following sections:

Site visit

  • Satellite map - Choose to enable or disable the satellite images mode on maps
  • Location updates - Sends location data from the device when entering or leaving a site
  • Track travel - Sends location data from your device every 5 mins during business hours
  • Hour limit - Engineers can set the maximum hours for site visits per day. When the limit is exceeded, the total hours is shown in red
  • Distance tracking units - choose from miles or kilometres


  • Email user responses - Sends an email to the person who submitted the ticket each time a new response is added


  • App introduction - Choose if you want to see the app introduction pages each time you log in
  • Help and guidance - Opens the Online Help in your browser
  • Legal and privacy - Opens N-able pages with legal and privacy notices
  • App version - The current app version
  • Signed in as - The signed in user
  • Sign out from Service Desk - Sign out of the app and back to the Sign in page