Edit Site Visit

If you need to change your site visit details:

  1. In the Site Visits schedule, tap on the site visit you want to change. The site visit opens to display the default Location tab.
  2. In the top right menu, select Edit site visit:
  3. The Edit site visit page opens:
  4. Add details as necessary:
    • Customer - The customer to visit
    • Location - Choose from existing customer contact locations or stored site locations - or add new ones
    • Start - Today's date and current time are displayed by default - change this if needed
    • End - The expected duration of the visit in the format. Tap to display the stepper.
    • Title - The visit title
    • Description - The description for this site visit
    • Priority - Choose from Urgent, High, Medium, Low and Query
    • Requested by (email) - The email address of the user requesting the ticket
    • Assigned to - The Staff Agent the site visit ticket is assigned to
    • Ticket queue - Choose in which ticket queue you want the site visit ticket to sit
    • Ticket status - Open, Hold or Closed
  5. Once you've made your changes, tap on SAVE.