Create Site Visit

Immediately after signing in, the Site Visits page is displayed showing any visits you have scheduled in the current month with focus on today's date.

  1. Tap on the icon or 'Tap to create' in the schedule window:
  2. The Create site visit page is displayed:
  3. Enter the following:
    • Customer - Tap to select the customer from customer list
    • Location - Choose from stored contact or site locations
    • Start - Today's date and current time are displayed by default - tap to display calendar and change as required
    • End - The end date and time - change as required
    • Title - The visit title e.g. Server maintenance
    • Description - The description for this site visit
    • Ticket queue - Choose in which ticket queue you want the site visit ticket to be placed
  4. Tap on SAVE.
  5. The visit location is added to the schedule and displayed in the Location tab.

    Note - When creating a site visit, an accompanying ticket is created at the same time (even when the site visit is scheduled for a future date).

You can go on to add even more details to your site visit - by tapping to open your new site visit and accessing the following pages from the top right menu:

    • Edit Site Visit
    • Delete Site Visit
    • Time and Distance Tracking - View existing and add new time/mileage entry to this visit
    • Costs - View existing and add new cost(s) as required
    • Customer notes - View and add as needed
Tip - You can also create a site visit from an existing ticket. For details see Convert Ticket to Site Visit.