Create New Ticket

  1. Tap on the create new icon at the bottom of the Tickets page:
  2. The Create ticket page is displayed:
  3. Select the Customer from the list of stored customers.
  4. In the Title field give the ticket a title.
  5. In the Description field add a description
  6. In the Requested by (email) field, enter the email address of the user who requested the ticket.
  7. Select a Ticket queue from the list of those available.
  8. Select a ticket priority from the Priority dropdown.
  9. If you want to mark the ticket (as important) for future filtering, tap the star to highlight .
  10. If you want to schedule the ticket creation for a later date, slide the schedule option to on and select the date and time you want the ticket to be scheduled for. If you want the ticket to be repeated, tap on Repeat and select the repeat period i.e. never, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  11. Tap on SAVE at the top of the page when you're done.