Assigning a Role to a Staff Agent

When assigning a role to a Staff Agent you can customise their access by specifying additional permissions and restricting customer access:

  1. Go to Settings - Staff - Agents.
  2. Click on the Staff Agent to whom you want to assign a role. The Edit Agent page is displayed.
  3. In the Access and Notifications section, from the Role dropdown, choose the role you want to assign to the user from the list of those available.
  4. To add additional permissions surplus to those granted with the chosen role, select Show additional permissions.
  5. The Show additional permissions option is only displayed when a role other than the 'Admin' role is selected - the 'Admin' role allows access to all areas of the application.
  6. From the list of permissions, select those which you want to add.
  7. If you want to allow access to specific customers only, select the Restrict customer access option to display a list of customers. Tick the boxes alongside the customer(s) you want the Staff Agent to access.
  8. Click Save changes.