Application Overview

The Service Desk application screen is structured using the following components:


Header Bar

The Header bar is home to the following features:

Feature Description

Toggle expand/collapse Navigation Panel

Installation title - This is also the default 'from' name on emails and the title on the Self-serve User Portal. Can be changed in Settings - General Settings - Branding.

'New' dropdown - Shortcut to create a new item from the following list:

  • Ticket
  • Site Visit
  • Asset
  • Customer
  • Opportunity
LOGICcards (only available to Remote Management & Monitoring linked users) - Opens LOGICcards Login dialog. If you are able to access LOGICcards, use your RMM login credentials to sign in and view your LOGICcards alerts and notifications.
Service Desk Voice - Shortcut to Service Desk Voice settings.
Search facility - Enter search term in the field to run quick search across tickets, responses, ticket tags and Knowledge Base articles. Click on search icon to open the Advanced Search. See Search Facility.

Help menu- Contains links to:

  • Documentation - Online Help
  • Request Support form
  • Live chat - Opens chat page in which you can start a new chat case with the Support team or access existing chat cases
  • Release Notes
  • Feedback form
User - Logged in user profile, Logout, Change language

Navigation panel

The Navigation panel can be expanded/collapsed and provides links to the following application areas:

Content Panel

Links selected from the Navigation panel and Header Bar are displayed in the Content panel.