Service Desk's powerful ticket management facility allows you to manage tickets and response times and assign tasks to relevant team members.

To access tickets, click on the Tickets icon in the navigation panel:

The Tickets page is displayed:

The Tickets page comprises the following components:

  • Views Panel - Contains a list of preset views
  • Toolbar - Provides a variety of filtering tools
  • Tickets - Lists tickets matching the views/filters defined (by default all tickets of the status 'Unresolved' are displayed)

Views Panel

Click on a view to display matching tickets - the following views are available:

  • Unresolved (default view)
  • Starred - Tickets you have marked as important
  • Assigned to me
  • Awaiting response
  • Unassigned
  • Overdue - Tickets that have passed their due date
  • Resolved
  • View all
  • Breaches
  • Warnings - Displays all tickets which are about to breach
  • My Saved Views - Click to open a previously saved view


The Tickets toolbar allows you to:

  • Save view - Save a custom view (storing your specified filters)
  • Set as default - Set's the current view as the default
  • Filter - Choose from a variety of filters to filter the tickets displayed
  • Columns - Choose which of the following column headers you want to see:
  • The following table describes the icons used in the Source column:

    Icon Ticket Source
    Staff Agent
    Site Visit
    Self-serve User Portal
    Asset Reminder

  • Toggle Detail - Toggle the amount of detail displayed in the tickets window
  • Auto Refresh - Define the auto refresh time period

Tickets panel

Based on the filter criteria or view selected, matching tickets are listed.

You can:

  • Click on a ticket to open and view details
  • Star a ticket for future filtering
  • Act on a ticket by selecting a ticket and choosing from options available at the top of the Ticket panel (see Viewing and Managing Tickets for more details):