Adding Tasks to a Ticket

In addition to applying a Task Template when creating a new ticket (see Creating a New Ticket with a Task Template), it is possible to add tasks to an existing ticket.

Tasks allows you to add tasks to a ticket either ad-hoc or from a Task Template - allowing easy management of scheduled tasks within tickets.

  1. Click on the Tickets icon in the left navigation panel to display all tickets.

  1. Click on a ticket to open ticket details. If the ticket already has some tasks assigned to it they will be displayed:
  2. To add one or more tasks (or a task template), click on Manage tasks.
  3. In the Manage tasks dialog all tasks previously added to the ticket (either individually or via a Task Template) are displayed. To add a task from a template, select the template from the Add template tasks dropdown and click on the Add tasks button below the Add template tasks dropdown.
  4. All tasks added to the template are displayed. You can remove any tasks you don't want to add to the ticket by clicking Remove alongside the task.
  5. Alternatively if you want to add a task without a template, click on Add task at the bottom of the Manage Tasks dialog:
  6. A new task panel is displayed:
  7. Enter the task name and description in the Task and Description fields.
  8. If the task is billable, enter a description of the cost of the task in the Cost summary field e.g. configuration software, and enter the amount in the Amount field.
  9. To create more tasks, click Add task again and repeat as necessary.
  10. When you have added all the tasks you need, click Save tasks to save and close the dialog. The tasks are added to the ticket details panel.
  11. To complete a task, place a tick in the checkbox alongside a task and the cost associated with the task will be added to the billable items in the Costs tab further down the page.
If you want to add the cost of the task again, un-check and re-check the checkbox - you can do this as many times as you need.