Viewing Agent Visit Status

If you want to see how field staff are progressing with their site visits for the day and in particular their current and next visit details:

  1. Click on the Schedule icon in the navigation panel:
  2. The Schedule is displayed with the default Assigned to me view.

  3. In the Views panel select Agent locations to show the Agent locations default map view.
  4. Click on Table view to view list of all active agents' site visit statuses.
  5. Tip - If you want to view all inactive agents too, select the Include inactive agents option at the top left of the page. (No site visit information will be displayed in this page for inactive agents, but listing them allows you to view their 48 hour site visit history - see Viewing Agent Location History).

    The following information and options are displayed:

    Information/Option Description
    Include inactive agents When selected lists all inactive agents
    View on map Click this button for map view of agent routes (as the crow flies) over past 48 hours
    Agent Agent name
    Current visit The visit which the agent is currently attending. If there is no visit taking place right now, the next planned visit is displayed here.
    Next visit

    The next planned visit after the visit displayed in the 'Current' column

    Visits remaining

    The number of visits attended out of the total number of visits today

    View history Displays agents' 48h site visit history. See Viewing Agent Location History.