Viewing Agent Locations

To view Staff Agent locations:

  1. Click on the Schedule icon in the navigation panel:
  2. The Schedule is displayed with the default Assigned to me view.
  3. In the Views panel select Agent locations to show the Agent locations default map view.
  4. All agents who have visits today are marked with a square at their current or last known location:

  5. Click on an agent to display a popup with the following details:
    • Agent name - Click to view Location history page. See Viewing Agent Location History.
    • Day and time the agent arrived at the location shown on the map
    • Customer - The customer being visited in the current/next site visit. Click to open Customer pages. See Customer Overview.
    • Ticket number and title - The ticket number and title of the current/next site visit ticket. Click to open the ticket.
    If the agent is currently on a visit, those visit details will be displayed in the popup. If the agent is not currently on a visit and the next visit is later today, those next visit details are displayed here.

  6. Click on the Table view button to see a list of agent visit details and status (today's current and next visit details and number of visits remaining). See Viewing Agent Visit Status.