Viewing Agent Location History

You can view the history of an agent's movements including when arriving at and leaving from site visits, when travelling and when contact has been lost.

To access an agent's location history:

  1. Click on the Schedule icon in the navigation panel:
  2. The Schedule is displayed with the default Assigned to me view.

  3. In the Views panel select Agent locations to show the Agent locations default map view.
  4. Click on Table view to view list of all agents' site visit statuses. The default view shows all active agents (those with site visits today). If your agent isn't in the list, select the Include inactive agents option to view all agents.
  5. Click on View history to open the Location history: <agent name> page. The default Table view is displayed and includes: dates and times the agent arrived at and left site visits; the customer visited and site visit ticket numbers:
  6. Click on View on map to view the agent route (as the crow flies) over the past 48 hours.