Subscribe to iCAL Calendar Feed

You can subscribe to a private iCAL feed from the Schedule page. Using the feed address, site visit information for selected Staff Agents will be fed into other calendar apps.

  1. Click on the Calendar Feed button at the top right of the Schedule page.
  2. The Calendar feed (ICAL) dialog is displayed:

  3. Choose from the following options:
  4. Option Description
    Filter by Choose which calendars you want to see. Select All Staff Agents or select one specific user.
    Feed address If required, you can add the address displayed in the Feed address field to any calendar app that takes an iCAL feed e.g. Google Cal, Outlook etc.
    Download iCAL Click Download iCal to download the .ics file which can be opened in any iCAL feed.
    Reset feed address You can choose to Reset feed address if you want to create a new feed address - any updates to the old feed address will stop.
  5. Click Close to close the dialog.