Agent Locations

The Agent locations pages are available from the Site Visit Schedule and allow you to view and track field engineers using the Service Desk Mobile App, as they move from one site visit to another.

For the location information to be sent from the mobile app back to the Service Desk web app, the following settings in the mobile device and the mobile app must be switched on:

  1. In your phone Settings, ensure that Wi-Fi and Mobile Data are on.
  2. When prompted, allow Service Desk to access your location. You can always change this option from the Location services settings of your phone.
  3. Only after you have run the Service Desk app at least once, will it appear in your device settings: Settings - Privacy, Location Services. Make sure Service Desk is set to Always.
  4. In the Service Desk mobile app Settings page, the following must be on:
    • Location updates - Sends the agent location data from the device to the Service Desk web app when arriving at and leaving from site visits
    • Track travel - Sends location data from the device every 5 mins during business hours


To access the Agent locations pages:

  1. click on the Schedule icon in the left navigation panel:
  2. The Staff locations page displays the default map view showing active agents (field engineers who have one or more site visits today):
  3. From this page you can:
    • View active agent locations - Agents who have site visits today. See Viewing Agent Locations.
    • View inactive agents - Agents who have no site visits today. Click the Include inactive agents option at the top left of the page to see last known agent location in the past 48 hours. See Viewing Agent Locations.
    • View Table view - Displays active agents' current and next visit details - and number of visits remaining (you can choose to view active/inactive agents). See Viewing Agent Visit Status. You can also link to an agent's event history over the past 48 hours from here. See Viewing Agent Location History.