Defining SLA Warning Window

The SLA Warning Window is the amount of time before a ticket breaches an SLA that an SLA warning will be sent out.

You can customise the behaviour to suit your needs.

  1. Go to Settings - Business Rules - Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA page is displayed:
  2. Click on the Warning Window button at the top right of the page to display the Warning Window page:
  3. The Generate warning dropdown allows you to specify how much time before a breach that the warning will be sent. For example, if the Creating a Service Level Agreement (SLA) (as set up in the SLA) is 1h, if you select 50% within breach window the warning will be sent out 30 mins before the breach occurs.
  4. From the Take action dropdown select the action that will be initiated when the warning is generated. Choose from:
    • No action - No warning is generated
    • Raise priority to Urgent
    • Raise priority to High
    • Raise priority to Medium
    • Notify installation administrator - This option uses the Installation email address recorded in the Installation Settings page. See Installation Settings.
    • Notify custom email address - Specify a custom email address to which the warning will be sent. When you select this option, the Notify custom email address field appears in which you can enter the email required.
  5. Click on Save settings when you are finished.