Activating, Deactivating and Deleting Contracts

Activating a Contract

When you first create a contract you need to activate it.

Although you can create more than one contract per customer, only one can be active at any one time. If another contract is active at the time of activation of this one, the previously active contract will be deactivated.
  1. Go to Settings - Products and Invoicing - Contracts to display the Contracts page.
  2. All contracts are listed by contract name.

  3. Click on the Activate link alongside the appropriate contract:
  4. The status shows as Active.

Deactivating a Contract

If you want to deactivate a contract, locate the contract in the Contracts list and click on Deactivate. Click to confirm the deactivation.

The contract is deactivated immediately and the Active status is removed from the status column.

Deleting a Contract

If you want to delete a contract you must first deactivate it before you can delete it.

Click on Delete alongside the contract.

The contract is deleted immediately.