Update RMM API Key

As described in Regenerate RMM API Key, successful integration between Remote Management & Monitoring and Service Desk relies on the use of the Data Extraction API to generate tickets and transfer information from the Dashboard into Service Desk. If the API key changes in Remote Management & Monitoring it must be updated in Service Desk too. This should be done in RMM, after generating the new API key, by selecting Settings - PSA Integration - Send RM API Key to Service Desk (see Replace RMM API Key in Service Desk).

To check that the new RMM API key has updated correctly in Service Desk:

  1. Go to Settings - Integrations - Remote Management and click to display the API key tab.
You can change the RMM API key here if you need to, but please make sure you use the RMM API key stored in RMM (and NOT the Service Desk API key). For full description of both API keys, see Service Desk and Remote Management & Monitoring API Keys.