View and Edit Agent Details

  1. Go to Settings - Staff - Agents. All existing Staff Agents are listed.
  2. Click on an agent to view details. The Edit Agent page is displayed:
  3. The following details are displayed - make changes as required:
  4. Field/Option Description
    Account preferences
    Name The agent's name.
    Colour picker The colour representing the agent in the Site Visit Schedule.
    Cost P/H The cost per hour for work done by this agent.
    Email The agent's email address (this is also the username used when accessing the system).
    Password The agent's password.
    Avatar Search for and upload an avatar file if desired.
    Access and Notifications
    Role Choose the Role you want to assign to the user from the list of those available.

    When selected you can choose from a list of areas the user will be permitted to access in addition to those granted by the chosen role.

    This option is only displayed when a role other than the 'Admin' role is selected - the 'Admin' role allows access to all areas of the application.

    Ticket Queues

    Selected Ticket Queues will be accessible to the Staff Agent.

    Email Notification

    Options available:

    • All notifications enabled
    • Queue specific
    • Tickets assigned to me
    • Notification disabled
    Contact Details Address and telephone contact information
  5. When finished, click Save changes.