Creating Staff Agents

You may need to set up access to for Staff Agent users who do not exist in RMM (and therefore were not imported during integration). Any staff Agents you create here will only have access to Service Desk and not Remote Management & Monitoring.

  1. Go to Settings - Staff - New Staff Agent.
  2. The following details are displayed:

    Option description
    Account Preferences
    Name* The Staff Agent's name.
    Cost P/H Billing cost (per hour).
    Email* The Staff Agent's email address - this serves as the username when logging in to Service Desk.
    Password The Staff Agent's password. This can be changed later by the Staff Agent from the Profile page, accessed from the dropdown at the top right of the screen.
    Avatar Choose a profile image.
    Access and Notifications
    Role Choose the Role you want to assign to the user from the list of those available.

    When selected you can choose from a list of areas the user will be permitted to access in addition to those granted by the chosen role.

    This option is only displayed when a role other than the 'Admin' role is selected - the 'Admin' role allows access to all areas of the application.

    Ticket Queues Select which queues the Staff Agent will be able to access from the list of those available.
    Email Notification

    Choose from:

    • All Notifications Enabled
    • Queue Specific - select from the queues available
    • Tickets Assigned to me
    • Notification Disabled
    Contact Details User's contact details.
  3. Once completed click on Save Changes to save.