Setting up Ticket Queues

Ticket Queues are essential to the setup of your application to ensure you can route and manage tickets effectively. You can customise the level of access you grant your Staff Agents, by allowing them full administration access, or alternatively limiting them to specific Ticket Queues. During installation, two queues are set up by default:

  • Support - This is the default queue shown on your customers' Self-serve User Portal.
  • RM - This is the default queue for tickets that are raised from alerts generated by your Remote Management & Monitoring Dashboard.

You can create as many new queues as you need. For example, if the system performs email retrieval from an external server you must set up a ticket queue for these emails (see Setting up a Ticket Queue for Retrieved Emails).

To Create a Ticket Queue:

  1. Go to Settings - Tickets - Queues.
  2. The Queues page lists all currently configured queues (click on a queue to edit or delete).

  3. Click New to create a new queue.

    You are presented with the following options:

  4. Field/Option description
    Name The name of your department (displayed to staff and users) e.g. Technical Support
    Incoming Email Mapping

    By default this is auto-populated with our own mail routing functionality (<queue name>@company name>.<Service Desk URL>.com), providing you with incoming email capabilities to your Service Desk install straight away.

    If you anticipate integrating with external email retrieval (i.e. POP/IMAP), this mapping field should be set to the relevant address you intend to integrate with. Please ensure the address above matches your inbound email account to ensure customer emails are correctly routed. See Setting up Email Retrieval from External Server.

    Do not use a Staff Agent's email address here. If you do, all notifications to the agent will be disabled.
    Tip - A useful thing to note is that a customer can email this address directly and a ticket will automatically be created and placed in this queue.

    For example, Fred's company is called FredCo and his Service Desk URL is Fred could create a queue called Support and leave the Incoming Email Mapping address as the default Customers can then email this address directly to open a ticket in the Support queue in Fred's Service Desk system.

    Email Name The default 'From' address displayed in email replies and responses that are sent out from your installation.

    Staff Agents can use the 'Internal' flag to manage their queues. Any queues marked 'Internal' cannot be selected when end-users create tickets in the Self-serve User Portal.

    Suppress new ticket email to end user? If enabled this will not send the customer end user confirmation that their ticket has been received.
    Queue access You must specify which staff members will have access to this queue. All administrators automatically have access to this queue.
    Default assignment

    The default assignment of tickets in this queue for initial review or triage.

    Select from the Staff Agents listed in the Queue access field (above) who will be assigned tickets in this queue by default.

    Default queue Select to make this the default queue when tickets are raised.
  5. Add your new queue details as required and click Save when you're finished.