General Settings

The General Settings section contains a selection of miscellaneous configuration settings:

  • Installation settings - Configure settings specific to your Service Desk installation including auto-close on tickets, Timezone and security and authentication options. See Installation Settings.
  • Branding - Customise Service Desk Self-serve User Portal using a range of personalisation options including colour scheme, welcome message, company logo etc. See Branding.
  • Email Templates - These email templates are used for standard emails sent out from Service Desk. You can edit email content if you need to. See Email Templates.
  • Email Log - Allowing you to easily reference emails that have been sent from your installation, confirm that they have been processed and view email errors. See Email Log.
  • Announcements - Create announcements for your customers to see on the Self-serve User Portal. See Announcements.
  • Customer custom fields - Create custom fields to hold customer details. See Customer Custom Fields.
  • Customer contacts custom fields - Create custom fields to hold relevant contact information. See Customer Contacts Custom Fields.
  • Users - Lists all customer end users with access to the Self-serve User Portal. See Users.
  • Roles and Permissions - Create and assign roles and corresponding permissions to staff users based on their access requirements. See Roles and Permissions.