Email Log

The Email Log page displays recent (outbound-only) emails sent from your installation and any email errors. Generally, the emails captured in the log are triggered by the events recorded in the email templates listed in Settings - General Settings - Email Templates e.g. New Ticket Confirmation (see Email Templates for further details). Other logged email events include scheduled report tickets and scheduled report ticket summary.

To access the Email Log:

  1. Go to Settings - General Settings - Email Log.

Recent Outgoing Emails

The Recent Outgoing Emails section displays the last ten emails successfully sent from your installation. Email information displayed may include:

  • Ticket ID - installation id followed by ticket number
  • Email subject - e.g. New Request, Updated Request
  • Ticket number - The ticket number with which the email is associated
  • From - The content of the Incoming Email Mapping field in the ticket queue with which the ticket is associated (Settings - Tickets - Queues). For more information on ticket queues see Setting up Ticket Queues.
  • To - The email recipient

You can click on a ticket to open in the Tickets page.

Email Errors

The Email Errors section displays the last ten emails which failed to be sent from your installation. Error information includes:

  • Error Type - The cause of the error i.e. Empty recipient address; Invalid recipient address; Volume cap reached for this recipient; Unknown error
  • Email Subject - The email subject e.g. SLA Warning Notification
  • Ticket number - The ticket number - click to open the ticket
  • From - The email sender
  • To - The intended recipient