Customer Statuses

The Customer Statuses feature allows your different Staff Agent types (tech, sales, administration etc. ) to more effectively manage and support your customers by assigning a customer status to them based on the type of customer they are.

A set of default statuses are provided:

  • Prospect
  • Active
  • Expired
  • Suspended

If you need to, you can also create new statuses based on the default ones:

Creating a New Customer Status

  1. Go to Settings - Business Rules - Customer Statuses.
  2. The Customer Statuses page is displayed, listing all existing statuses.
  3. Click on New.
  4. Enter a Name for the new status.
  5. Select the default status on which your new status is based - choose from Prospect, Active, Expired or Suspended.
  6. Click Save. Your new Customer Status is added to the list.
You can assign a Customer Status to a customer when creating a new customer and in the Customer Overview of a selected customer. See Changing a Customer Status