Creating Ticket Rules

If you want to apply certain rules to a ticket to make it behave in a certain way under certain conditions you can do this by creating ticket rules.

  1. Go to Settings - Tickets - Rules.
  2. Enter a name for the rule in the Name field.
  3. Enable Apply on create? if you want the rule to apply when the ticket is first created.
  4. Enable Apply on update? if you want the rule to apply when the ticket is being updated.
  5. In the Conditions panel enter the conditions you want to apply to the rule. Choose from:
    • When the reporting user's email: Equals/Contains <value>
    • When the reporting user is a member of: Equals/Contains <value>
    • When the ticket title contains the text: Equals/Contains <value>
    • When the ticket is raised: Equals/Contains <value>
    • When the ticket queue is: Equals/Contains <value>
  6. Click Add to add more conditions if needed.
  7. In the Actions panel, select the action you want to enforce when the conditions are met. Choose from:
    • Set the ticket status
    • Set the ticket sub status
    • Move to another queue - moves tickets to another queue and applies the new agent assignment of the new queue.
    • Send an email to a staff member
    • Set the ticket priority
    • Stop processing any more rules
  8. Click Add to add more actions if needed.
  9. When finished click on Save.