Like all products, you can brand Service Desk as your own - and demonstrate your value as a trusted MSP.

  1. Go to Settings - General Settings - Branding.
  2. Configure as necessary using the following fields/options:
  3. Field/Option Description
    General options
    Installation title

    The title for this installation, this is used as the default 'from' name on emails and on the Self-serve User Portal.

    Custom domain (CNAME) If you have redirected an external sub-domain via a CNAME record, enter it here so that we can map this to your installation.
    System 'From' email System emails (e.g. welcome messages or password resets) will be sent from the email address you enter here.
    Colour scheme Choose from a variety of themes.
    Welcome message Leave this blank to retain the default welcome message on the Self-serve User Portal which will be translated as required. A custom welcome message will not be translated if users change the language.

    Front-end logo This logo is displayed in the Self-serve User Portal and also on reports exported as PDFs.

    Image must be under 1MB, must fit within 1024x768 dimensions and be png, gif, jpeg or jpg format.
    Remove the current logo Removes the current logo.
    Upload new image Browse and upload a new logo.
    External homepage The URL accessed when the logo is clicked on the Self-serve User Portal.
  4. Click Save changes when complete.
You can also set up customer branding so that your customers can brand the Self-serve User Portal with their own logo. See Customer Branding.