Tickets by Customer Report

The Tickets by Customer report shows ticket activity by date range, customer and ticket status. Data displayed includes the number of tickets raised and closed and the ticket source (RMM API, Email, Web, Twitter, Voice, Contract, Staff etc.)

  1. Click on Reporting - Tickets by Customer to display the report page (the report is automatically run on the default filters):
  2. At the top of the report, the date and time that the report was run is displayed, along with the date and time the cache will expire (15 mins from the time the report was run):

  3. Choose your reporting criteria from the following filters:
    • Date range - Start and end date of reporting period
    • Customers - Filter by the customer(s) this ticket is associated with. Choose All customers (default) or choose one specific one.
    • Status - Filter by ticket status. Select Any Status or choose one from the list
  4. Click on Update to run the report and display matching results.
  5. You can export the report to either CSV, XLSX or PDF by selecting from the Export Report dropdown:

    You can also schedule this report to run on a specific day - See Scheduling a Dashboard Report.

Once the report has been generated, the data is cached for 15 minutes to save time building the report. This means that if you run the report again within 15 minutes, the cached data is used - after 15 minutes the report is built using new data.