Tickets Report

The Tickets report gathers data on tickets raised in the system. You can filter on who the ticket was assigned to, whether it was billable, the customer for whom it was raised etc.

  1. Click on the Reporting icon in the Navigation panel and, from the report list, click on Report Builder.
  2. The Report Builder pages are displayed.

  3. Click to open the Tickets tab:
  4. If you want to run the report on a number of days, weeks or months, select Run report on the last and define the period.
  5. Alternatively, if you prefer to run the report over a specific date range, select Run Report For and define the dates in the Date From and Date To fields.
  6. Choose whether you want to report on the ticket creation date or the ticket closure date by selecting the appropriate Report by option.
  7. Closed dates are only available for tickets closed after v 2.3.
  8. From the Filter by dropdown, choose the filter to apply from the following:
    • Assigned To - Filter on the Staff Agent assigned to the ticket
    • Billable - Filter on billable or non-billable tickets
    • Customer - Filter on a specific customer
    • Overdue - Filter on tickets that have passed their due date
    • Priority - Filter on ticket priority
    • Queue - Filter on ticket queue
    • Status - Filter on ticket status
    • Sub Status - Filter on ticket Sub status
  9. Once you select a filter option from the Filter by dropdown, another dropdown appears, directly below, allowing you to further filter the report data. Click on the Add Filter button for the filter to take effect.
  10. From the Order by field, choose how you want your report ordered.
  11. If you want to include any custom fields you have created, select from the Include Custom Fields dropdown.
  12. To choose which columns are displayed in your report output: click on the Columns button and, in the dialog, select the columns you want to appear on your report.
  13. To run the report, click on Run Report. The report is displayed in a new panel at the bottom of the same page.