Ticket Volume Report

The Ticket Volume report displays ticket volume per the following groupings:

  • Channel - Ticket source e.g. Contract, Email, User, Voice, Staff, Site Visit, Twitter
  • Staff - Staff Agent assignment
  • Username - Customer owner as set up in the Customer Overview tab.
  • Status - Ticket status i.e. Open, Hold, Closed, Deleted
  • Priority - Ticket priority i.e. Query, Low, Medium, High, Urgent
  • Ticket Queue
  • Customer
  1. Click on the Reporting icon in the Navigation panel and, from the report list, click on Report Builder.
  2. The Report Builder pages are displayed.

  3. Click to open the Ticket Volume tab:
  4. If you want to run the report on a number of days, weeks or months, select Run report on the last and define the period.
  5. Alternatively, if you prefer to run the report over a specific date range, select Run Report For and define the dates in the Date From and Date To fields.
  6. Choose from the Group by dropdown which filter you want to apply. For example if you choose Status the report will show ticket volume for each ticket status (Open, Closed, Hold, Deleted).
  7. Click on Run Report to display the report in a new panel at the bottom of the same page.