Revenue Reports

Revenue Reports provide graphical display of revenue details including billable and non-billable costs as well as time-tracked billable costs and one-off costs. You can create multiple views so you can see data over several date periods at once.

Adding a View

  1. Select Revenue Reports in the Dashboard Reports list and click the 0/3 Add New View button:
  2. The 0/3 in the Add New View button label means that you have already created 0 views out of a maximum of 3. You may want to see a week, month and year view all at the same time.

    The Revenue Report dialog is displayed:

  3. Give your report a Title.
  4. If you want to run the report over a set period of months, weeks or days, select Relative Date and enter the number of days, weeks or months. Alternatively, enter a specific date range by deselecting Relative Date and selecting a Start and Finish date.
  5. From the Visible elements list select which graphical elements you want your report to include and click on Save to display the report:
  6. To create more views (you may want to have a week's view, a month's view and a year's view all at the same time), click the Add New View button and repeat the steps above (a maximum of 3 views can be created).

Deleting a View

  1. In the header of the view you want to delete, click on the view settings icon:
  2. The Revenue Report dialog is displayed.

  3. Click on Delete at the bottom of the page. The view is deleted automatically.