Report Builder

The Report Builder allows you to build, run, save and download custom reports based on a variety of criteria. Reports can be downloaded in CSV, XLSX or PDF format.

Report filters are housed in the following set of tabs containing commonly used filter settings (you can further define filters and choose to run, save and download the reports from each tab):

  • Time Log Report - Reports on all billable and non-billable tickets with Time Tracking information entered by Staff Agents. This report is useful in demonstrating the hours used by Staff Agents for a given customer in a specified time period. Filters include customer, ticket status, queue etc.
  • Cost Entries Report - Reports on any ticket which has had an inventory item added or an entry for an additional cost incurred when carrying out this ticket. You can filter on customer, the Staff Agent assigned to the ticket etc.
  • Customer Assets Report - Reports on customer devices recorded in Service Desk, filter on asset types, asset sites, customers. This is useful for keeping track of billable assets covered in the customer contract.
  • Tickets Report - Reports on tickets raised. You can filter on who the ticket was assigned to, whether it was billable, the customer for whom it was raised etc.
  • Ticket Volume Report- Reports on volume of tickets raised. Filter by Staff Agent, username, status, customer, ticket queue etc.
  • Ticket Queues Report - Reports on Ticket Queues set up in system with email information and if they are internal only.
  • Operations Report - Provides breakdown of Staff Agents and totals of all closed tickets, associated responses, time entries, total time spent and SLA Breaches. See Operations Report.
  • Customers Report - Reports on customers and main contact information.
  • Sites Report - Reports on customer sites.
  • Staff Report- Reports on Staff Agents, displaying email address, notification option (for new tickets) and hourly rate.
  • Users Report- Reports on customer end-users - their login information as well as the customer they are associated with and their email and Twitter details.

From the Report Builder section you can also choose to Scheduled Reports, view Saved Reports and access the Print Warehouse where you can view and print downloaded reports.