Customer Assets Report

Reports on customer devices recorded in Service Desk, allowing you to filter on asset types, asset sites and customers. This is a useful report for keeping track of billable assets covered in the customer contract.

To access :

  1. Click on the Reporting icon in the Navigation panel and, from the report list, click on Report Builder.
  2. The Report Builder pages are displayed.

  3. Click to open the Customer Assets tab:
  4. If you want to run the report on a specific asset type, asset site or customer, select the filter from the Filter by dropdown and choose the value from the dropdown directly below. Click on Add Filter for the filter to take effect.
  5. From the Order by field you can choose how you want your report ordered.
  6. To run the report, click on Run Report. The report is displayed in a new panel at the bottom of the same page:
  7. You can also choose to save your report (giving you quick access to the report from the Recently Saved Reports section) or download your report in PDF, CSV or XLSL format.