Customer Overview

The customer Overview tab is the default displayed when you select a customer, and contains basic account information which you can edit if required:


  • Customer - Customer name
  • Owner - The customer owner can view all tickets (open and closed) for the entire organisation via the Self-serve User Portal).
  • Hourly rate - Applied to work done for this customer (if this applies)
  • Email domain - The customer's email domain(s). If you want to add multiple domains, separate each domain with a comma e.g.,
  • Status - For example, Prospect, Active etc.
  • Account rep - The customer's account manager
  • External ref - Used for exporting purposes for time logs, invoices, tickets etc. A column with this value is added to the Time Log, Cost Entries and all ticket reports in the Report Builder.

Primary contact

Contains details of the primary contact for this customer - choose the primary contact in the Contacts tab. See Customer Contacts.


Opens the Branding dialog which allows you to brand the customer's Self-serve User Portal with their own logo - and URL if required. See Customer Branding.