Creating a Customer Opportunity

  1. Select New opportunity from the New dropdown at the top of the Service Desk pages:

    Alternatively, click on the Create opportunity button at the top right of the customer pages:

  3. In the New opportunity page add the following details as necessary:
  4. Field/Option Description
    Contact email The contact email address for the new opportunity
    Customer Choose the customer associated with the opportunity from the list of customers. If you are creating a new customer prospect, select New Prospect. See Creating a Customer Prospect.
    Subject Enter the opportunity subject e.g. New server and installation
    Description Add a description for the opportunity
    Status Select from OPEN, WON, LOST, DELETED
    Sales Rep Choose the sales rep from the list of Staff Agents
    Task Template Add a task template if required
    Due Date If there is a date for which the opportunity is required it should be entered here
  5. When finished entering details, click on Create opportunity.