Adding a Customer

  1. Select New customer from the New dropdown at the top of the Service Desk pages.
  2. Alternatively, in the Customers page, click on the Create customer button at the top right of the page to open the New customer page:

  3. Enter the following customer details:
    • Name - Name of the customer
    • Email Domain - The customer's email domain e.g. If you want to add multiple domains, separate each domain with a comma e.g., etc.
    • Status - The Customer Status you want to assign to the customer. The default is Active, but you can change this. For more information about Customer Statuses, see Customer Statuses.
  4. When finished, click on Create customer. The Customer page is displayed with the new customer added to the list.

Now that you've added a customer with this basic information, you can add more details from the various tabs in the customer's pages. See Viewing and Editing Customers.

Tip - You can also add a new customer while creating a new ticket. See Creating a Ticket Manually.