The Asset functionality within Service Desk allows you to set up, track and manage IT asset details - providing useful data for reporting and billing purposes and improving your customer support service.

The Service Desk integration process involves the automatic import of customer assets from Remote Management & Monitoring (as well as Staff Agents, Customers and Sites and Customer end-users). Automatically importing this existing data minimises adoption overhead and initial setup. You can also manually import data after the initial integration - see Manually Importing Assets.

As well as being able to manage those imported assets you can also add new assets to customer sites, See Adding Assets.

Additional asset management features include:

  • Asset retrieval from RMM - Retrieval and display of additional information from RMM (if your installation is integrated with RMM). See Viewing Assets.
  • Asset Reminders - Set up a reminder against an asset e.g. for warranty renewal. See Reminders.

To access the Assets page:

Click on the Assets icon in the navigation panel to display a panel listing all customers you have access to (with number of assets in red alongside each listed customer). To the right of this panel lies the Sites page which lists all sites for all the customers listed:

If you click on a customer in the list, all assets at all of the selected customers' sites are listed. Click on a particular site to see what assets are held there.

See Adding Assets for instruction on how to create customer sites, asset types and assets themselves.