Viewing Tickets

Portal users can view tickets that they have created themselves and also those that have been created on behalf of them by a Staff Agent or another user.

Once you have logged into the portal, click on My Tickets at the top of the page.

The user set up as the 'Owner' of the customer organisation is able to view all users' tickets in the following list:

  • Tickets for Organisation - All tickets raised for all users in your organisation.

All other users will see the following lists:

  • Awaiting My Response - All tickets awaiting your response.
  • Awaiting Staff Response - All of your tickets awaiting a response from a Staff Agent.
Tip - You can also view tickets in the portal that have been raised for you even if you are not a registered portal user. This means that you don't have to be set up as a user in the system to see a ticket that has been created on your behalf (when your email is entered in the On behalf of field when the ticket is created).

When a ticket is created on your behalf, you will receive an email with the ticket details. This email contains a Ticket ID and a Tracking Key. To track your ticket, go to the portal and click on Track Ticket at the top of the page (you don't need to log in). In the Track a Ticket window, enter the Ticket ID and Ticket Key and click on Submit to display the ticket.