Customising the Self-serve User Portal

You can customise how the portal looks and behaves using a variety of front-end installation settings:

  1. Go to Settings - General Settings - Installation settings - Front-end panel.
  2. Choose from the following options:
Option Description
Ticket creation
Require user login If enabled, portal users will need to log in before they can submit a ticket. If disabled, the ticket submission form will be public.
Ticket priority Allow Self-serve User Portal users to select the ticket priority. If disabled, all user-submitted tickets will default to medium.
Ticket creation CAPTCHA If enabled, users who submit tickets from the Self-serve User Portal will be required to enter a captcha to help prevent spam. This does not apply to staff ticket creation.
Enabled features
User registration When enabled, allows end users to register new accounts from the Self-serve User Portal. If disabled, existing account holders will still be able to log in.
User Enable the Knowledge Base functionality on the Self-serve User Portal.
Search engine indexing

If disabled, search engines will exclude the Self-serve User Portal from their index.

You can also customise how the Staff pages and the user front-end look using the following branding features:

  • Your own Branding - Brand Service Desk Staff pages and the Self-serve User Portal as your own support system. See Branding.
  • Customer Branding - Personalise the Self-serve User Portal by adding a customer's logo to the landing page. See Customer Branding.