Reintegrate RMM Dashboard with Service Desk

After the integration between Remote Management & Monitoring and Service Desk was de-registered, you can choose to reintegrate by following the setup process again.

  1. Go to Settings - PSD Integration - Setup.
  2. See the Service Desk Quick Start Guide for instruction on getting started, and specifically the Getting Started in Remote Management - Remote Management Dashboard Integration Setup topic which covers the integration set up process. See Service Desk Quick Start Guide.
  3. When you click finish in Step 10: Confirm Setup of the Setup PSA wizard, rather than Create your new Service Desk Application, you are prompted to Re-link your Service Desk.
  4. Click Yes, Do it Now! to confirm and import the Remote Management & Monitoring Dashboard settings or Return to RM to exit the integration.
  5. The Re-link your Service Desk option will not be available when Delete Service Desk was selected when uninstalling the integration.