Getting Started

Service Desk is a centralised customer service solution which provides a super-efficient all-encompassing support request facility giving you a 360 view on managing, responding to and resolving customer issues seamlessly. It also provides excellent reporting functions helping you to improve response and resolution times.

Use this guide in conjunction with our Service Desk Quick Start Guide which provides clear concise instruction on how to perform the initial Service Desk integration and configuration needed to get up and running.

Accessing Service Desk

You can access Service Desk functionality from the following three areas:

  • Remote Management & Monitoring Dashboard - Access point for admin Staff Agent users where the initial integration and configuration of the Service Desk application is carried out. This includes the option to Import from AutoTask (see Service Desk Quick Start Guide for full instruction on how to do this). You can also perform a variety of additional tasks from Remote Management & Monitoring after integration is complete. See Remote Management Integration.
  • Service Desk Admin Application - Access point for Staff Agents to deal with customer issues using advanced ticket raising, monitoring, billing and reporting features:
    • Dashboard - Display of outstanding tickets over a period of time e.g. today, last 7 days, last 30 days. Access different Ticket Queues and view your schedule for the day.
    • Tickets - Ticket logging, management and monitoring
    • Site Visit Schedule - View, create and organise staff site visit schedules
    • Assets - Store customer devices and any associated billing data in the Assets section
    • Knowledge Base - Build a repository of information-rich, categorised articles for use by both Staff s and Customer end-users
    • Customers - The customers you support - add and manage details including customer users, sites and contact information - and view tickets raised for a particular customer
    • Reporting - Advanced reporting facility using a set of pre-defined but customisable report filters ordered in a series of Report tabs. Allows you to schedule, run, save and download reports containing a wide variety of data.
    • Settings - Manage: system configuration, users and permissions, ticket setup, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), customer contracts, system integrations, invoicing, branding, imports etc.
  • Service Desk Self-serve User Portal - Front-end access for customer end users to log and track tickets - and for both customer users and Staff Agents to access Knowledge Base articles. See Self-serve User Portal.