Available Videos

Getting Started with Service Desk

The following videos describe how you can get up and running quickly with Service Desk.

  • Overview
  • Get to know Service Desk, the centralised customer service solution which provides a super-efficient all-encompassing support request and reporting facility.

  • Part 1 - Customer Portal and Branding
  • Learn how to set up your Self-serve User Portal so that it fits the needs of your customers.

  • Part 2 - Setting up Customers and Agents
  • Discover how to create and maintain customers and Staff Agents.

  • Part 3 - Managing Tickets
  • Find out how to set up ticket queues and optimize ticket management features.

  • Part 4 - Raising Tickets
  • Learn how to create new tickets so you can start supporting your customers quickly and easily.

Getting Started with the Service Desk Mobile App

Learn how to get up and running with the Service Desk mobile app - available for iOS and Android - Designed for field service engineers who are out and about and need access to site visit details, tickets and customer information.

  • iOS

  • Android