Configure User Settings

  1. Select View and Manage > Users and double-click on the user you want to configure.
  2. The following settings/options can be configured:

    • Full name
    • Email - the email address - this is also the username.
    • Authentication Token - Generated automatically - allows you to access scan results in a browser.
    • Time zone
    • Roles - Select the role(s) you want to apply to the user. Use the Role Descriptions link to see what each role permits.

    Send Password Reset

    • Send Password Reset to User - Sends password reset email to user.
    • Re-send invitation to MSP SSO - Re-sends invitation to join Risk Intelligence email to user.
    • Reset Password - Enter new password (max 6 characters), and enter the new password again to confirm. Enter current password to confirm changes.
  3. Make any required changes and click on Update at the bottom of the page.
The current password is required for any changes to be accepted on this page.