Configure API Access

In the API Access tab, the user can authorize an application to access their account.

The Endpoints panel contains:

  • Authorize Endpoint - API authorization endpoint
  • Token Endpoint - API token endpoint

The Authorized OAuth2 Clients table contains a list of applications authorized to access the user's account.

Add a new application to access the service:

  1. Click on Add New Client Application to open the Editing Client Application panel at the bottom of the tab.
  2. Enter the following information:
    • Application Name
    • Main Application URL
    • Callback URL
  3. Please ensure you add valid URLs in the two URL fields.

    The application is registered and added to the Authorized OAuth2 Clients table.

    A Client ID and Client Secret is generated - you will need to store these so you can use in your code

  4. For example,







For information on how OAuth works, see

The following shows the Abstract Protocol Flow when a client application requests access to the service: