Product Overview

MSP Risk Intelligence is a cloud based data breach prevention platform delivering endpoint scanning by leveraging the power of the cloud and via the Browser Plugin, CLI Scanner or Native Mobile Apps. This methodology is fast, highly accurate, and leverages what most organizations already have in place; Microsoft Active Directory, Systems Management tools, Web Applications, Internet access, and a browser.

This new highly accurate methodology delivers unique scanning capabilities for computing and mobile platforms, now and in the future. The cloud is leveraged for management, analysis, and reporting, while devices perform the heavy lifting of the scan process, permitting scalability across the globe. This distributed architecture provides unparalleled scalability allowing hundreds of thousands of devices to be scanned in a matter of seconds.

MSP Risk Intelligence performs deep inspection of devices using a variety of methodologies including the Windows Registry, native file systems, interrogating system configurations using operating system and Application API’s, and Windows WMI queries. Using these direct access methods, instead of relying upon network packet response and injection provides highly accurate results, virtually eliminating false positives which will save time and money for security personnel. Additionally, there are no requirements for modifying ingress firewall routes and ports or configuring VPN connections as MSP Risk Intelligence executes on the device and communicates via standard HTTPS web traffic.