Specify File Patterns and File Hashes for File Finder Scan Configuration

When setting up a File Finder scan configuration you can control which files are scanned using File Patterns and File Hashes.

  1. Go to View and Manage - Scan Configurations and either open an existing File Finder scan configuration or create a new one (see Create Custom Scan Configuration).
  2. Navigate to Step 3 - File Patterns/File Hashes.
  3. In the File Patterns section, the glob format is used for any patterns entered. Enter the required pattern and click Add. Do this for all other patterns you want to specify. The following are example entries using the glob format:
    • To search all files: **/*.*
    • To search all text files**/*.txt
    • To search all text files in a given folder: **/temp/*.txt

    If you want to specify any File Hashes (below) you need to specify at least one File Pattern.

  4. In the File Hashes section, you can enter any suspect file hashes that you want the scan to pick up (recognized hash formats: MD5, SHA1 and SHA256). Enter the file hash and click Add. Repeat this for multiple files.
  5. Click Next to take you to the next step of the wizard and click Save Scan Configuration.