Security Scan Results Report for Individual Host

The Security Scan results report for each individual device shows:

  • Vulnerability Summary - Graph shows vulnerability count by severity and % of vulnerabilities by vendor. See Patch Policy and Vulnerability Severity Rating and CVSS Score for more info.
  • Vulnerability by Vendor Details - List of failed checks for each OS and vendor - and how to fix
  • Vulnerability Details - Includes Vulnerability Policy Details and Patch Policy Details - and instruction on how to fix/update
  • Network Port Details - Displays listening TCP/IP ports on your system. Listening ports indicate that a service is listening for external communication from a remote computer.
  • Review the list of open ports to determine if they are absolutely necessary.
  • Disable any unnecessary services to reduce the risk of compromise from malware or attackers. We recommend that you back up your system before making any changes.
  • Your local IT administrator will be able to provide you with guidance on managing your network ports.