Data Breach Risk Quick Start Guide Introduction

There are two Data Breach Risk scan types - the original Data Breach Risk Scan and the more advanced Expanded Data Breach Risk Scan.

The Expanded Data Breach Risk Scan combines three components:

  • Security scan - identifies critical OS and application vulnerabilities including unpatched operating systems and applications.
  • Technical Safeguards - Tests for 18 baseline Windows end-point configurations and highlights the settings that don't meet common baseline configurations.
  • PII Data Discovery - Scans local and network devices for 60+ types of unencrypted personally identifiable information (PII) from 16 countries and regions. This is often used in the data mapping phase in regulatory compliance efforts.

This Quick Start Guide describes the Data Breach Prevention Lifecycle and instructs on how to set up and run an Expanded Data Breach Risk Scan on the various endpoints in your organization - and then go on to access comprehensive reporting facilities: