Scan Configuration Keys Tab

The Scan Configuration Keys tab lists all scans or scan types that are available to the organization.

By default, the scans that are available are defined in the Account Info tab - Administration Options panel, in the Scan Types to be included with new Accounts field, but you can add more scan configurations here as needed.

The following information is displayed in the Scan Configurations table:

  • Name - The name of the scan.
  • Scan Type - The type of scan e.g. Data Breach Risk Scan, PAN scan, PCI Scan etc.
  • Short Code - The unique identifier for this particular scan configuration and organization. This code is truly unique and is never repeated for a different scan configuration or organization.

The following tasks can be performed:

  • Create Custom Scan Configuration
  • Edit scan configuration
  • Clone scan configuration - Create exact duplicate of a scan and all current settings.
  • Propagate Downstream - Scan configurations set up at the top level of the organization can be propagated downstream to create a new scan config ( with the same settings) for all sub-organizations. It can only be edited in the top level organization and the changes will take effect in all sub-orgs.
  • Delete scan configuration