Billing Tab

Top level organizations are responsible for billing all sub-organizations. The Billing tab in the Account Settings is only available to those organizations and users who have the necessary access rights.

The tasks you can perform in the Billing tab are dependent on the organization type and where it sits in the organizational hierarchy.

Section Field Description
Partner License Summary

This panel only displays for Partner account types.

Total Device Licenses Allocated The number of licenses allocated
Activations for Current Month Any new devices that haven't been scanned previously
Assessments for Current Month Any devices scanned in a previous month that are being scanned again this month
Billing Info

The panel Information displayed depends on the account type. Panel is displayed in top-level accounts only.

Licensing Model The type of licensing model for this account. e.g. Device
Renewal Cycle The renewal cycle for this account
Next Renewal At The next renewal date and time (generally 30 days from when the account was created).

If automatic renewal is turned on, when the renewal date is reached, all licenses are kept and device scanning can continue as before.

If automatic renewal is turned off, when the renewal date is reached, the organization loses all scan licenses and can no longer scan devices.

Billing Contact The billing contact email address. Click on Change to change this if required.
Current Licenses Licenses in Use / Max The number of licenses being used to scan devices and the number of total licenses available.
Automatically Renew If 'true', the contract will automatically renew when the next renewal data is due.
Add/Remove Licenses Click to add or remove the number of licenses available for this and any sub-organizations.