Risk Intelligence Scan Results not Available

Last Modified

Fri Sep 04 15:46 GMT 2020


  • Scan results not available when using Scan This Computer option
  • Selecting Click here to view your personalized security report opens a duplicate browser tab with no results


  • Risk Intelligence


  • Results are not available for viewing if there are no remaining active licenses
  • To check if there are any licenses still available:
    1. Log into the Risk Intelligence Dashboard
    2. Click View and Manage
    3. Click Organizations
    4. Locate relevant Organization
    5. Compare the Max Licenses to Licenses in Use fields to determine if there are any licenses still available
  • To add more licenses:
    1. Double click on the organization name
    2. This will open to Billing Tab
    3. Scroll to bottom and click Add/ Remove License
    4. Follow onscreen instructions to add or remove licenses
    5. Click Save