Veritas System Recovery

Veritas System Recovery, writes backup jobs, known as recovery points, containing all of the data required to restore the machine to its state at the moment the recovery point was created.

This check monitors the Windows Application Event Log on the local device for successful recovery points and reports back any error messages discovered in this log from Veritas System Recovery.

Ensure the recovery program is writing to the Event Log

The Event Log configuration section in Veritas System Recovery is accessed through:

  1. Go to Tasks >, Options > Notifications
  2. Click Event Log
  3. Configure the settings to log Errors, Warning and Information Events.

Since the Backup Checks poll the device for the backup results, the results in N-sight RMM are those reported by the Backup software being monitored. If the reported result is Completed with Errors, Completed with Warnings, or a similar response, we recommend you investigate the device the problem and ensure the Backup software can backup the expected data sets.