Verify and Repair Volume Structures

Script Type: Bash

The volume directory structure is queried by the file system to catalog and locate files and folders on the disk.

When there are disk issues, the disk or its volumes fail to mount or the disk content is inaccessible, which indicates volume structure issues.

The Verify and Repair Volume Structures task is queued until the user next logs off the computer after the scheduled execution time. It then runs verification tests against the selected volume on restart. If problems are detected during the verification process, the Task attempts to repair the volume structure.

The Verify and Repair Volume Structures task does not support the startup volume. When the boot volume is selected, the following error message is returned: Specified volume is the startup volume. Repair on the startup volume is not supported at this time.

Parameter Description
Disk Value Lists available volumes
Hide macOS notification when script is run Enables you to run the task without notifying the user